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Respect. Now. Always. Campaign Committee Terms of Reference

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Section 1 - Establishment

(1) The Respect. Now. Always. Campaign is part of the Universities Australian national initiative that aims to ensure students and staff are safe from sexual assault and sexual harassment. The Respect. Now. Always. Campaign Committee is established under Section 15 of the Charles Darwin University Act 2003.

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Section 2 - Functions and Responsibilities

(2) The functions and responsibilities of the Committee are to:

  1. Promulgate matters concerning the Respect. Now. Always. Campaign to students and staff members;
  2. Develop an internal publicity campaign for the University to engage all students and staff members;
  3. Oversee strategic planning for mitigation of sexual assault and harassment at the University;
  4. Review risks and issues requiring management attention and consider thematic and trend reports;
  5. Ensure an appropriate training and support framework is available for students and staff members engaged in the campaign;
  6. Ensure that any data collected in respect of the Respect. Now. Always. Campaign is managed in accordance with the University’s Records Management Policy and Privacy and Confidentiality Policy; and
  7. Develop a framework for engagement with organisational units within the University.
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Section 3 - Membership

(3) The membership of the Committee will comprise:

  1. Pro Vice-Chancellor, Students and VET (Chair);
  2. Manager, CDU Student Accommodation;
  3. Director, Marketing, Media and Communications;
  4. Manager, Student Policy and Complaints;
  5. Director, Student Engagement;
  6. Associate Director, Student Support;
  7. Director, People and Capability;
  8. Manager, Security;
  9. Manager, Health, Safety and Environment;
  10. One (1) Post Graduate Student;
  11. One (1) Undergraduate Student;
  12. One (1) Representative from a relevant external organisation; and
  13. One (1) Academic staff member.

(4) Staff members may nominate a delegate to attend in their stead for meetings when they are unavailable. This will normally be a person that would act in their capacity.

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Section 4 - Chair

(5) The Chair of the Committee is the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Students and VET. In the absence of the Chair, a deputy will be decided from the members present at the meeting.

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Section 5 - Secretary

(6) Administrative support will be provided by the office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Students and VET.

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Section 6 - Term of Office

(7) Staff members will hold office for the term of their substantive position at the University. Student members will hold office for a two (2) year term.

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Section 7 - Quorum

(8) At a meeting of the Committee a quorum is constituted by more than half the listed membership.

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Section 8 - Meetings

(9) The Committee will meet at least four (4) times per year. Members may attend in person or by appropriate communication technologies. The Chair may call additional meetings if necessary. The frequency of meetings will be reviewed as the campaign matures.

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Section 9 - Agenda

(10) A written agenda will be distributed prior to each meeting.

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Section 10 - Meetings

(11) Meeting minutes will be taken and distributed within two weeks of the meeting.

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Section 11 - Reporting

(12) This Committee must provide a report in a timely manner to the next meeting of the Vice Chancellors Advisory Committee.

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Section 12 - Conflicts of Interest

(13) Where a member has an actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest regarding an agenda item, they must declare this to the Chair at the commencement of discussion of the item, and be prepared to excuse themselves from the discussion, or the room, if required, as per the terms of the Conflicts of Interest Policy.

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Section 13 - Non-compliance

(14) Non-compliance with Governance Documents is considered a breach of the Code of Conduct – Staff or the Code of Conduct – Students, as applicable, and is treated seriously by the University. Reports of concerns about non-compliance will be managed in accordance with the applicable disciplinary procedures outlined in the Charles Darwin University and Union Enterprise Agreement 2022 and the Code of Conduct – Students.

(15) Complaints may be raised in accordance with the Code of Conduct – Staff and Code of Conduct - Students.

(16) All staff members have an individual responsibility to raise any suspicion, allegation or report of fraud or corruption in accordance with the Fraud and Corruption Control Policy and Whistleblower Reporting (Improper Conduct) Procedure.